Keserwan magical

Keserwan magical and heritage area with many historical churches, as well as its homes built of limestone dating back to the 18th century. Keserwan has many historical monuments, and wandering its alleys is an endless pleasure, and the area also has natural landscapes. Picturesque Mediterranean coast and mountainous region; All these factors made it one of the most prominent tourist destinations in picturesque Jounieh.
The borders of Keserwan changed 4 times as a result of the invasions and wars that took place on its soil, and because of the difficulty of total control during these wars, Keserwan was called Al-Assiyah.

The Maronites in Kesrouan are of their original roots up to prehistoric times and the Roman ruins are present in the region, especially in Ajaltoun, where the tombs are still present.
And the entry of Christianity after the concentration of Arab tribes and the spread of the Arabic language and Islamic religion in Mount Lebanon came after the Roman period.
The trade in wood and silk, which was a main source of livelihood in the region, and the enormous wealth that Kesrouan possessed in those historical periods, most notably the iron mines, which were a major cause of invasions and wars.

As for the historical families that ruled Kesrouan, starting with the family of the blind Turkmen who were adopted to rule and protect the region, and who adopted Ghazir as their main headquarters and are known today as the Assaf family.
Kesrouan was historically part of the governorate of Damascus, Tripoli, or Sidon. However, the increase in the frequency of the Maronite exodus to it, such as the Hobeish families, and the movement of the Khazen family to it from the country of Jbeil in the year 1545, constituted basic bases for national leaders, and with the openness of these ancient families, missionaries entered Kesrouan and spread there and later extended to all of Lebanon and from there to some neighboring countries. So churches, monasteries and schools were built. In 1648, for example, the Khazen family built the Church of Our Lady in Ajaltoun.


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