Jeita Grotto is one of wonders of the world

Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto is one of the  wonders of the world

The pleasure of traveling to Jounieh would not be complete without passing the Jeita Cave, and its unique beauty, located about 20 km north of Beirut, on the banks of Nahr al-Kalb. The Jeita Cave is composed of two caves, upper and lower, and both the upper and the lower caves are filled with formations consisting of stalagmites and stalagmites of huge sizes formed over millions of years.

Water is the main architect of that cave, and he is the one who formed and carved the rocks of the Jeita Grotto. Creating these picturesque formations. The upper cave is a dry cave, its length is about 2200 m, tourists are allowed to walk up to 750 m length, and the lower layer is the one that is submerged by the waters of the river al-Kalb, and its details are enjoyed by boating.
Prices for entry tickets to the Jeita Grotto: 18,000 Lebanese pounds, about 2.2$ according to today’s exchange rate.
Weighted time to visit Jeita Cave: 1.5 hours.
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Jeita Grotto

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