Zouk Mikael

The Souk of zouk mikael in Jounieh is aptly named, every detail in it reflects a fine taste. This market is not just a place to shop, as it is a heritage center for the city of Jounieh. Zouk Mikael dates back to the 17th century AD, and what really distinguishes it is its historic buildings of unique architectural style, consisting of two floors of great magnificence.

The market offers all kinds of goods, from sweets to the finest types of abayas. There are many world-famous restaurants and cafes in the Al-Flouk Market.

Tourism in Jounieh will provide you with everything you look forward to for a vacation that will be digging into your memory for years, from nature, picturesque beaches, entertainment, fun, a bustling nightlife, and markets that offer you all kinds of goods, and above all ancient historical places.

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