Beirut is the beautiful, authentic, rebellious, remaining

Beirut is the beautiful, authentic, rebellious, remaining

Beirut is the beautiful, authentic, rebellious, remaining, no matter how many crises and changes it has gone through. Beirut, the capital of the Sun, lebanon’s most important city and its vibrant capital, is a land of freedoms and culture.
And fashion.

Tourism in Beirut will find this wonderful mix between East and West, as it is a city that brings together many communities in a peaceful atmosphere, with open and highly educated mentalities.

Beirut is the beautiful, authentic, rebellious, remaining

Tourism in Beirut is also an endless pleasure, it is enough to know that it is classified as the second largest city in the Middle East in terms of tourism, so it is called “Paris East” because of its huge tourist assets, resorts, beaches, nature and international shopping malls.
Let us not forget, of course, beirut’s historical and archaeological monuments, a city dating back to the 15th century B.C., and the valiant Beirut has many civilizations that have influenced its history tremendously, so the great poet Nizar Qabbani called it “the six of the world”.

If you are seriously considering travelling to beautiful Beirut, don’t hesitate.

1-Amazing Downtown Beirut – Solidere

2-The Eternal and beautiful Rock of Raouche

3-The magnificent Beirut National Museum

4-Mohammed Al-Amin Great Mosque

5-Sursock Museum

6-The Meim Museum is one of beirut’s most beautiful

7-The Roman Baths of Beirut is a historical landmark

8-Al-Omari Grand Mosque

9-Beit Beirut

10-The Enchanting Bay of Zeitouna

11-Beirut Souks Mall

12-Beirut Corniche and the enchanting view

13-René Mouawad’s unique and free garden

14-Martyrs’ Square Historic

15-Red Hamra Street

16-Al-Jamiza Street


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