Beit Beirut

Beit Beirut is a museum that was built to document the civil war to remain in the memory of the city and its people. It is called the Sudiko building, or “Barakat” building relative to the family that inhabited it, or the yellow house attributed to its yellow color. The museum was built in the 1920s with a unique architectural style that reflects that era.

During the civil war, the House of Beirut was abandoned because it was located in the Sudiko area, which was in the line of fire, where the militias inhabited it and used it as a sniper site, and emerged from the war with near-total destruction and distortion of the remnants of shells and bullets, which was restored for 10 years while preserving the traces of the war, to be a historical reminder of that bitter period, and how Beirut exceeded that era.

Likely time to visit Beirut House: an hour and a half.

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