Beirut Souks Mall

Beirut Souks Mall

Tourism in Beirut is one of the most important pillars of shopping, because Beirut offers tourists a variety of the largest markets, and commercial complexes that offer the most luxurious international brands at reasonable prices, with many other recreational facilities, the most prominent of which is the Mall of Beirut Markets, which is one of the most prominent tourist places in Beirut, where you will feel the history of the city but with a modern flavor.

Located in the center of the city, Beirut Souks Mall consists of 3 floors, containing more than 300 shops, offering the world’s most luxurious brands of harem, men’s and children’s clothing, jewelry stores, accessories, cosmetics, etc. Beirut Mall is a semi-full-service city, with its restaurants, cafés, sinamats, various exhibitions, libraries, etc.

Likely time to visit Beirut Mall: 1.5 hours.

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