Tripoli’s amazing historic castle

Tripoli's historic castle

Tripoli's amazing historic castle
Tripoli’s amazing historic castle

Citadel Saint Gilles Castle
If you list the most important tourist sites in Tripoli, Tripoli Castle will be at the top of the list, well-deserved, as it is one of the most important, largest and largest monuments of Tripoli ever.

Tripoli castle will give you the most beautiful view of Tripoli and the Kadisha River, because it is located on a high raboa, east of the Old City, overlooking the entire city.
Tripoli Castle is a beautifully built fortress site, and when you visit Tripoli Castle, you will be overwhelmed by the sense of grandeur, the durability of the building and the enormity of the edifice. The citadel has been used as an impregnable fortress for the city, so you will find many monuments for many different eras, most notably the Islamic, Fatimid, Crusader, and Mamluk periods.
Likely time to visit Tripoli Castle: an hour and a half.

Tripoli's historic castle


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