The “Our Lady of Lebanon” monument, Harissa, in a privileged location overlooking Beirut.

The "Our Lady of Lebanon" monument, Harissa, in a privileged location overlooking Beirut.

The “Our Lady of Lebanon” monument, Harissa, in a privileged location overlooking Beirut.

The shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon is located in a geographical area characterized by stunning scenery, which is one of Lebanon’s most beautiful tourist sites. The shrine occupies a place in a pine forest, overlooking Jounieh Bay. The Ministry of Tourism has listed it as an important landmark in Lebanese tourism, and it encourages Arab and foreign tourists to visit it. Al-Mazar, a founding member and activist of the Association for the Development of Hajj and Religious Tourism, seeks to promote the culture of religious tourism among the Lebanese residents and expatriates, and among tourists coming to Lebanon. This provides an opportunity for visitors, Christians and non-Christians, to learn about the principles of Christianity, the Eastern Church heritage, and the position of the Virgin in them. The shrine leads thousands of believers from all parts of the earth every year, and it is associated with the Marian world shrines through its participation in the membership of organizations that deal with international shrines.

Through this network, the shrine contributes to the celebration of the international days set by the Holy See and United Nations organizations, including, but not limited to, AIDS days, breast cancer, diabetes, drug addiction, victims of traffic accidents, peace, and others.

The "Our Lady of Lebanon" monument, Harissa, in a privileged location overlooking Beirut.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon – Harissa, which has been run by the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries Association since its establishment in 1904, is the property of the Maronite Patriarchate and administered by the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries Association. The fathers who are responsible for him form a monastic apostolic community, according to the laws and fees of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries Association. This shrine:

National site

Our Lady holds a high position in the Christian and Islamic religions, and thus is honored by all Lebanese. It is natural for the curators of the shrine to seek to bridge the points of view among the Lebanese based on this reality. In this context, the shrine hosts Christian-Muslim dialogue meetings aimed at promoting the concept of accepting the different other and living together. The shrine also takes care of the social and developmental service in the region and the surrounding area, starting from the town of Daroun Harissa towards the rest of the villages and towns of the surrounding area.

A religious shrine

The Blessed Virgin occupies a great place and honor in the hearts of her faithful in all churches. Based on this fact, the monastic community in the shrine seeks to develop cooperative, spiritual and pastoral relationships with all eparchies and congregations operating in Lebanon, as well as parishes. The shrine documents these relationships with all the fraternal local churches, and with the various Christian groups. The curators of the shrine are keen that the apostolic movements in the church find a welcome place for them in the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, which hosts their activities and helps them to achieve their goals and promotes volunteer work, as a religious value, among their children. Through this endeavor, the shrine aims to deepen the spiritual life of believers and the salvation of souls.

Marian shrine

The missionary fathers who administer the shrine strive to provide correct Marian concepts, belief and practice, by adopting Marian theology. In this context, the missionaries focus on the principle of setting off with Mary towards Jesus, focusing on her veneration and worshiping God, and explaining sound ecclesiastical concepts about miracles, appearances, omens, and other pious practices.

We recommend that you visit to worship, enjoy the wonderful and distinctive place, and see the city of Beirut from the most beautiful sites

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