Lebanon Cable Car … The pleasure of discovering the beauty of Beirut, at a height of 550 meters

Lebanon Cable Car ... The pleasure of discovering the beauty of Beirut, at a height of 550 meters

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Lebanon Cable Car … The pleasure of discovering the beauty of Beirut, at a height of 550 meters

A visitor to Lebanon cannot help but fill his gaze from the green flowing through the windows of the “cable car”, which has become a tourist attraction in this country and has turned into a destination for tourists of all nationalities since it was built in 1965. Therefore, the tour is not complete without a stroll to In the center of Jounieh and on the sea road leading to Jbeil and Tripoli. There, cable cars are waiting for those who decided to discover the bay of Jounieh from a height of 550 meters, where it is impossible to speak of a natural green painting full of pine forests and drinkers, and that urbanization swept over it with buildings accompanying the scenery of forests that extend upwards, which were slightly distorted by the hands of the enemies of nature, but still alive and beautiful.

As soon as the visitor sets foot on the cable car station, he will be able to carry with him the scent of Lebanon through polished pieces of cedar trees hand-carved in various forms to be a permanent memory from the country of the cedars implemented by one of the Lebanese, who chose this station to form a link between him and the tourists. Likewise, whoever wants to carry a handful of dirt from the mountains of Faraya, all he has to do is obtain a piece of glass painted or written on it with sand in an artistic way that Abu Muhammad, who took the cable car station as a location for him to receive and bid the visitors.
As the flight took off towards Our Lady of Harissa, the view with its beauty and the extent of its greenery captivates the heart and the eye. Vast green spaces that sometimes overlap with some tall buildings, and thus constitute the best example of Lebanon’s green lands that were destroyed by the urban revolution. In a duration of no more than 10 minutes, it is definitely insufficient to satisfy the eye with the beauty of this virgin nature, after which the cable car departs in a second station, where cafes prepared to receive visitors and prepared for them the sessions overlooking the valley and the Gulf of Jounieh sleeping on the sound of the sea and the roar of its waves, to embody the Lebanese proverb The rumor, “Jounieh’s concern about the roar of the sea.” Here, too, the scene has its own splendor, The scene comes gradually from the green of the forests to the blue of the sea to form a landscape that the visitors’ cameras are eager to capture. A location that has always been the destination of Arab and foreign directors to shoot their films and capture the most wonderful aesthetic and natural scenes, forming a studio that is open in all seasons of the year.
The Lebanon cable car receives its visitors all days of the week, except for Monday, which is dedicated to maintenance work.
They also went up, but this time via a small electric bus, the visitor should take it to the site of the statue of the Virgin in Harissa, where visitors and believers from all over the world flock to it in religious tourism. Most of them choose the adventure “cable car”, although they can reach their destination by car. Those who will be able to see this towering statue up close will discover the beauty of its engineering and craftsmanship. It was made in France of molten bronze painted white, consisting of seven pieces collected above the base, in which a small temple was built. Its length is 8.50 meters, and it weighs 15 tons. It was focused in 1908 over the first main shrine, and it can be ascended to it via a spiral staircase that allows the visitor to enjoy the most beautiful views of Mount Harissa. In the wide square surrounding the statue, where stunning landscapes surround it from all sides, there are many shops that professionally present Lebanese collectibles, especially those made of cedar trees or those paintings and antiques that reflect the nature of Lebanon and the traditions and rituals of its people.
And because the mountain session is a special pleasure, the restaurants surrounding the site provided this opportunity for everyone who visited this area, so they were keen to present the Lebanese table from A to Z and its traditional origins. After spending hours in the embrace of nature, the visitor may not expect to see on his return a scene different from what he saw on his way, but in this region and this site in particular expectations will differ, especially for those who will be fortunate to return in the early evening hours. Here, the scene turns into a natural painting that collects at the same time the sun in the moments of its sunset and the Gulf of Jounieh as an extension to the roads leading to and from Beirut, where the lights radiate out into the space of the place and reveal Beirut from the top of the mountainside.
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Lebanon Cable Car ... The pleasure of discovering the beauty of Beirut, at a height of 550 meters

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