Beautiful Tripoli, Lebanon’s second capital

Beautiful Tripoli, Lebanon's second capital

Beautiful Tripoli, Lebanon's second capital
Beautiful Tripoli, Lebanon’s second capital

Tripoli al-Fayha, another face tinted by Lebanese beauty, is a city with a great Phoenician, Roman and Arab history, so it is one of Lebanon’s most important historical cities.

Tripoli is a city of science, scientists and antiquities, in all the sides of the city of Tripoli, and in every neighborhood and market of a tale narrated, as a result of its privileged location linking the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Arab interior and The Syrian, which made civilizations successively, leaving a cultural and historical heritage like no other.

Beautiful Tripoli, Lebanon's second capital

Tourism in Tripoli is very diverse, with the most important archaeological sites and the most beautiful landscapes, consisting of forests, mountains, islands, nature reserves and beaches. Also do not miss passing through its ancient markets, tasting its delicious sweets, and getting to know its handicrafts, there are a lot of fun events inside Tripoli, which is away from the capital Beirut, about 85 km to the north, and about 40 km away from the Syrian border. Now let us begin our tour to get acquainted with the tourist areas of old Tripoli.

Tripoli’s most important landmarks:

1. Citadel Saint Gilles
2. Mansouri Great Mosque
3. Al-Mina Port of Tripoli
4. Palm Islands Nature Nature Reserve
5. Khan Al Saboun
6. Las Perlas Beach
7. Lake Bnachei
8. Rashid Karameh International Fair
9. Taynal Mosque
10. Clock Tower in Tripoli


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